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Ankle Surgery – Arthroscopic Testimonials


I went to see Mr Gordon having sprained my ankle playing football. I had a background of multiple footballing injuries which I’d brushed off in the past, but the ankle pain and swelling was still persistent after physiotherapy treatment. After examination by Mr Gordon and various tests it was revealed I had a cartilage tear in the ankle and that the ligaments were very thin, although I wasn’t complaining of ankle instability. In each consultation, Mr Gordon explained everything in a clear, concise and open manner, with ample opportunity to ask any questions. I was also taken through the test results and could see for myself where and how my ankle was injured. At no point in the process did I feel anything was being hidden from me, which can sometimes be the case when receiving medical treatment.

Mr Gordon performed a stress fuse to test the laxity in the ankle (to guide if future ligament reconstruction was required), followed by an ankle arthroscopy and microfracture procedure to remove the damaged cartilage and stimulate growth on the exposed bone. I then followed a rehabilitation programme with a physiotherapist and had periodic consultations with Mr Gordon until nine months after surgery. I am happy with the outcome of the treatment I have received.

Mr A H, Dunstable, Bedfordshire July 2014

I am so pleased with the result of my ankle. I am highly active and became very limited in sports after 2 sprains leaving an aching ankle and swelling that increased every time I did any sport. Mr Gordon investigated and found it to be a ganglion – he removed it under a local anathestic (normally would need a general, but he complied with my wishes not to be asleep.. and gave me an ankle block and I was able to listen and see what was going on during the 1 hr surgery… I was very grateful for that – it made a huge difference to me… and Mr Gordon really did put my wishes first!). The ankle looks great again – like a normal ankle (apart from a scar) and I am back to full sport. I did also have an injection to reduce some inner swelling. I was really impressed that Mr Gordon wanted to ensure that everything was treated, not just the original symptomps, and he has now referred me to a podiatrist (which he organised) for follow up on the tiny remaining thing. I always enjoyed my consultations with Mr Gordon – he is friendly, easy to talk to and understanding… as well as being professional. He seems to be really on top of his subject and using all latest technology and resources available. His follow up letters were timely and informative and kept everyone (e.g. doctor, physio, podiatrist) updated. I would definitely recommend him for any sporting injury.

Mrs K G Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire April 2014

Just a brief note to thank Helen for the efficient and cheerful way in which she dealt with any queries or arrangements arising from consultations and procedures undertaken by Mr Gordon.

No matter how minor the question may have been she followed it up quickly,checking personally with Mr Gordon if necessary and gave a speedy response.

In my experience this is well above average for the medical profession.

Mr K W, St Albans, Hertfordshire Peroneal (Ankle) Tendon Tear August 2013

If I could buy a T shirt with “I like David Gordon” on it I would! The injection has worked miracles and I am delighted.

Mrs C R, Oakley, Bedfordshire Ankle Pain June 2013

Four years ago I fell down the stairs. I went to the minor injuries unit and was told my very painful and swollen ankle was ligament damage. I went on holiday four days later but the pain continued and eventually I went to the local cottage hospital. My ankle was fractured in two places; hairline fracture of the fibula and the end of the tibia was snapped off, the piece of bone being 3mm away from the end tibia. I was put in plaster and went to the fracture clinic upon my return. It was the general consensus of opinion that the injury was too far gone for any operation to be of any use. As the years have gone by the ankle became more painful and unstable. Finally in January 2013 I had a very bad fall when the ankle gave way while going up stone steps.

I was fortunate to be referred to Mr Gordon as an NHS patient. At my first appointment Mr Gordon put me at ease. He examined my ankle, sent me for an X-ray, CT scan and gave me a cortisone injection for the pain, although temporary it was something my other consultant would not do. Two days later I had an MRI and saw Mr Gordon a week after my initial appointment. He explained my options but could see I was not happy about an operation. Mr Gordon suggested a course of physiotherapy to strengthen the ankle. However, after a couple more falls and many many sleepless nights, especially for my wife, Mr Gordon advised that there was no alternative but to operate to pin the bone back in place and perform an arthroscopy. He explained the procedure clearly, showed me the scans and what he hoped to achieve. I was very hesitant but he assured me that he would not do the operation if he did not know he could improve my pain and stability by at least 50%.

It has now been 12 weeks since the operation. The wounds have healed without any trouble. I followed Mr Gordon’s post operation instructions to the letter and consequently the operation has been a success, better than I could ever have hoped for – I have no pain in my ankle! I am now undergoing a course of physiotherapy to strengthen the ankle and improve my walking, as for a long time I have been favouring my good leg.

I would like to thank Mr Gordon and the staff at Spire Bushey Hospital for their care and professionalism throughout my time with them.

Mr C B, St Albans, Hertfordshire Ankle Fracture and Cartilage Lesion September 2013


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