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Patient Testimonials

Mr Gordon always strives to provide the best possible service and outcomes for his patients. We welcome feedback on how we can improve the service we provide, as well as sharing your experiences with others.

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Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery

Following our brief telephone conversation the other day I would just like to put on record my thanks for your kindness, attention and professionalism at all times during my current course of treatment.

Not withstanding my constant worrying you have handled my enquiries and concerns with great patience and good humour. I could not have wished for better service.

Thanks to you both.


I ruptured my left Achilles’ tendon in January 2019. Following some concerns with the initial NHS treatment I found positive reviews for Mr Gordon online. When I called to arrange an appointment, I was delighted by the service I received from the team.

I met with Mr Gordon the following day. Given my circumstances we discussed an operation. On examination however Mr Gordon suspected I had had a DVT, which was confirmed under ultrasound. The treatment approach therefore changed to a non operative route, wearing initially a cast and then the Vacoped recovery boot, which I found to be much superior to the initial boot I was given.

During my treatment I found Mr Gordon was a great communicator and I felt that I had a full understanding on where I was on my recovery and what would happen next. Any concerns or questions I had were always fully responded to.

I am now 10 months post injury and recovering well. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Gordon for treatment of this nature.

Mrs T C, Rutland, October 2019

I am writing to thank you for your excellent post achilles tenon repair protocol which I found on line.

My husband had a total rupture repaired on 6th June having injured it playing tennis 8 days before.There was a 2.5 cm gap that would not close on equinus (scanned) The surgery was with a small approach scar only about 2 inches long if that.

I am a physiotherapist working in muscle skeletal field and was very anxious that he return to all the activities he loves. He is 52 and plays tennis, walks and runs normally. After the surgery I wanted to find a protocol to guide me, despite treating many injuries like this anyway, somehow as it was my husband I felt I needed it!

I followed yours and he is doing very well. I really rate the vacoped boot he wore for the first 6 weeks as it allowed a very small amount of glide of the tendon as it had an adjustable angle as in some knee braces and I gradually altered the angle as I felt he was able to cope with it. I notice that you mention the boots with the removable wedges – this boot was different. We even went to Vietnam 5 weeks post surgery and he mobilised everywhere in it. Brilliant.

Mrs V W September 2016

I had my first appointment with Mr Gordon on 12 November 2013 at Spire Bushey Hospital where my foot was X-rayed; a few days later I had a MRI scan at Spire and within 10 days I was back with Mr Gordon to assess the results, prognosis and options. On 16 December I was back at Spire Bushey Hospital for my operation. The operation to remove 2cm of damaged Achilles tendon from my right foot, was carried out late evening and took around 3 hours to complete; Mr Gordon came to see me early the following morning and I was discharged by lunchtime that same day. The operation was a success; photos of the procedure may be seen on the website. Mr Gordon’s pre and post operative consultations and his attention to detail when explaining matters were exemplary. I would highly recommend Mr Gordon for his pioneering procedure, if you are unfortunate enough to be afflicted by serious damage to your Achilles tendon.

Mrs M F, North West London, July 2015

Ratings *****

Would you please pass on to Mr. Gordon my gratitude for his website. It is clear, concise and very informative about my injury and gave me a good understanding of what to expect with the rehabilitation. When I returned to hospital to have the boot fitted, the consultant surgeon who carried out my operation was not there and I was seen by a registrar who advised I did not weight bear at all for the full 6 weeks! Having read Mr. Gordon?s website I realised this was not the ideal thinking with this type of injury and I found a way to contact my consultant surgeon who was very much in line with Mr. Gordon?s thinking for rehab and was very attuned to an active recovery. So after 1 week of non-weight bearing in the boot whist I was trying to contact my surgeon, I began weight bearing gradually and immediately felt much better and more confident. The NHS Physio commences 7weeks post-surgery and again from Mr. Gordon?s website I was aware physio should commence earlier than that and I contacted Emma and commenced with her last week. Thank you again for providing me with her contact details. I am very grateful to Mr. Gordon?s website which I firmly believe has increased my chances of a better recovery. Had I been fortunate enough to have had private medical care I would definitely have come to your clinic. As it is I may still do as I am unaware what will be provided by the NHS in the 3-6month period (and beyond) post injury.

Mr S F, St Albans, Hertfordshire, April 2015

I was unlucky enough to rupture my right Achilles at work earlier this year. The duty consultant at A&E recommended David Gordon. Within a very short period I had an appointment with Mr Gordon and we agreed a surgical repair would be best for me. The surgery was performed at the Spire Hospital at Harpenden shortly afterwards with everything going well. I am now 10 months post op and my recovery is pretty complete with just some work to be done to continue building the calf muscles in the affected leg. At every stage I felt I was in extremely good hands and Mr Gordon is always willing to discuss and explain any aspects of treatment. His modern post-op rehabilitation protocol was particularly important to me as I was fully weight-bearing by week three when the Aircast boot was fitted. The “even-up” shoe lifting device for the good leg when wearing the Aircast boot (which I found on the internet) is highly recommended and was of interest to Mr Gordon (he now mentions it on his website)

Mr W R, Bedfordshire, Ruptured Achilles tendon, December 2014

Having a full rupture of my right achilles tendon diagnosed at A&E in April 2014, I was referred to David Gordon for a consultation 2 days later at Harpenden Hospital. He quickly confirmed the diagnosis and fully explained the options that were available to me. I chose to have surgery as I wanted to fully return to sports without having to worry in the future about the possibility of a re-rupture and also for a faster healing time. I was booked in for the surgery the same evening. The surgery went well and David saw me once out of recovery and the following morning, even though he was going on holiday that day, and explained what I should be doing over the next couple of weeks. Two and a half weeks after surgery I had a consultation with David and was fitted with an aircast boot. After 6 weeks with this on and physiotherapy I returned to normal footwear, and with continued physio and hard work, I am now 8 months post surgery and back to doing everything physically that I was able to before the rupture. The whole process, communication and advice from David from start to finish was first-class and for anyone with this type of injury or any lower limb injury, David Gordon would come highly recommended for consultation and surgery.

Mr J B. Watford, November 2014

Having injured myself skiing in April and had an initial diagnosis of a ruptured achilles tendon in Andorra I saw David on my return to the UK. He quickly confirmed the diagnosis and explained the options available to me. Communication is one of David’s greatest strengths, at all times I felt fully aware of what choices I had, and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I opted for the surgical route, primarily due to the desire to ski again and take part in other sporting activities. Surgery was quickly scheduled, I was in and out the same day, having been visited by David when I came round from the anaesthetic where he explained how the surgery went and what I should expect in the following few days. Following David’s rehabilitation protocol I suffered no complications from the surgery and with his recommended physiotherapy the recovery has gone exactly as planned, moving from the cast, to the boot and then back into two shoes again. I’m now at four months post op, and life has returned to normal. Have been given the go ahead to start jogging/running again and am looking forward to skiing again in the winter. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience right from day one, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending David to anyone with lower limb conditions. A big thank you also to Helen for organising everything at short notice and being so helpful in general.

Mr NH St Albans, Hertfordshire April 2014

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Ankle Arthritis

After suffering with a badly treated broken ankle my husband found Mr Gordon after extensive research on the internet and I’m very glad he did. Right from my first appointment Mr Gordon took the time to thoroughly examine my ankle and explain my options. After a steroid injection, which didn’t work too well for me, we decided that an open ankle fusion was the way to go. I was very apprehensive about surgery but he quickly put my mind at rest at each appointment. I also have to say a huge thanks to his anaesthetist, Dr. Adrian Pradere. He calmed my nerves the minute he entered my room before surgery. He also gave me a nerve block, under anaesthetic, which lasted about 36hrs! Before he administered the anaesthetic he told me that I would feel fabulous after the op and I have to say he pretty much lived up to his promise. Mr Gordon visited me in my room that evening and again the next morning after which I went home with a list of instructions. Two weeks later he replaced the heavy plaster with a lighter one which stayed on for 6 weeks after which it was removed and X-Rays showed that all was well. I had regular Physio which has resulted, 5 months post op, in my having much more movement in my ankle than I ever thought I would have and, best of all, I am pain free for the first time in over 20yrs. I really can’t thank Mr Gordon enough for all his help and patience and I would happily recommend him to anyone.I also would like to thanks his lovely secretary, Helen, for always being at the end of the phone with her friendly and helpful manner.

Mrs M M Luton, Bedfordshire, Ankle fusion for arthritis April 2014

I wish to thank you for your skill and expertise as a surgeon, you are an incredibly gifted man. When I came to you i had lost all hope of having anywhere near a normal life again, in fact my expectation was that I would probably be in a wheelchair in the not so distant future. I am now walking my dogs again and am able to work in my garden. Previously I could not even wear shoes because of the extent of the deformity in my ankle. The care and professionalism of yourself and staff was outstanding. You have given me back my life and I will always be eternally grateful, Thank You.

Mr A W, Watford, Herts December 2013

My GP referred me to Mr Gordon in March 2013, I soon received an appointment and he confirmed after an Xray the osteo arthritis in my ankle.He discussed my options very thoroughly and at that first consultation gave me a steroid injection. After a short while Mr Gordon reviewed the relief I had received from the injection. As the benefit had really been for only a few weeks he felt that the best way forward was to operate. In November Mr Gordon carried out ankle arthroscopy, debridement and cheilectomy. For the first time in many years I can walk without a feeling of “broken glass”, it is wonderful! I still get a little swelling especially after a busy day plus heeled shoes- vanity!! Mr Gordon did say that the joint is very worn and was pleased that I was progressing well and continuing the comprehensive physiotherapy he recommended. I saw him approximately 6 weeks after the surgery and was discharged, with a proviso to contact again should I have any problems.The next week I flew alone to Australia to see family and was delighted I could keep up with my extremely energetic young Grandsons, fantastic & thank you. I still find stairs a trial especially carrying Grandchildren, but luckily we have recently moved to a bungalow and the children growing so fast they will soon manage the stairs themselves! Hope I don’t have to bother Mr Gordon again too soon. Happy New Year and continued welcome pain relief.

Mrs M H-O, Dunstable, Bedfordshire Ankle arthritis December 2013

I consulted Mr Gordon because I had an extremely painful right ankle, due to osteoarthritis which was causing my foot to collapse inwards. Mr Gordon was very thorough, kind and took time to explain the problem with my ankle. After explaining exactly what an open ankle fusion was he then described everything that this would entail. Because of his professional and caring attitude he put me at my ease and I had no hesitation in having the operation. After two days in hospital when Mr Gordon visited me twice, once at 9pm, I returned home with a cast on my leg from below the knee. Two weeks later the cast was changed for a lighter one and the stitches were removed. For the next 10 weeks I gradually became more mobile on my crutches. The cast was finally removed and with the help of my crutches I slowly regained the movement in my ankle which is now free of pain!!! Improvement in my ankle has continued and 6 months from my operation I am able to walk without the discomfort that I had suffered with for too long and my ankle has been improved above and beyond anything I had hoped. I count myself extremely lucky to have Mr Gordon treat me. Thank you so very much Mr Gordon.

Mrs C H, Watford, Hertfordshire Ankle fusion for arthritis December 2013

I had a subtalar fusion carried out by Mr. Gordon at The Luton & Dunstable Hospital in November 2013.I had been experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort for a number of years and had finally decided that something had to be done. When I was first told that I needed my ankle fusing I was very shocked having expected a far less drastic procedure. However Mr Gordon explained the operation and the expected results very clearly. I was admitted early on a Friday morning, and during the admission and preparation processes I met many members of Mr Gordon’s team, all of whom were very helpful and made sure I understood each stage. I also saw Mr. Gordon again and he gave me more details of the operation. I came round from the anaesthetic later that day, I had expected to be in pain but I was pleased to find myself pain free. I was discharged the next day, after proving my ability to get around on crutches. I was in an open fronted theatre cast at this time to allow the swelling to subside, and still not experiencing any pain. The only slight discomfort was from a scratchy theatre dressing inside the cast, a very minor problem in the scheme of things. After two weeks the theatre cast was removed and my stitches were taken out. I then had a normal cast fitted. I was still not allowed to put any weight on my ankle, which was only really a problem when trying to shower. Six weeks later I was back at the hospital to have the plaster removed and a plastic and Velcro ‘boot’ cast fitted instead. I was now able to walk again, although I did need to continue with the crutches for a while to regain my balance. I continued to use the boot for a further 8 weeks, fortunately this could be removed for showering, relaxing and sleeping. At three months from the date of the operation I returned to the hospital to see a member of Mr. Gordon’s team. I had x-rays taken of my ankle, and the registrar having checked these and my ankle, told me I could finally remove the ‘boot’. From that point I was able to take up my previous activities, slowly at first – but quite rapidly returning to what I had been capable of before the operation, but crucially without any pain or discomfort. I did, on occasion find that I experienced some swelling of my foot, either after a long time on my feet or after strenuous activity. However cooling and elevation soon reduced this. I saw Mr. Gordon again six months after the operation. He explained that the swelling was something that quite often happened after lower limb surgery, and that it could continue for up to a year. I am pleased to say that my foot stopped swelling after approximately nine months. The scar has healed very well, it is very flat and neat, and gives no problems. I have now been able to return to hill walking, and have recently completed a hike along the whole of Hadrian’s Wall. (80 miles). I would say to anyone who has been suggested that this operation is right for them, but has concerns about what it entails, go for it! It has made a huge difference to my quality of life, and to be pain free and active again is fantastic. Thanks once again to Mr. Gordon and his team.

Mr P H, Bedfordshire, Ankle fusion November 2013

We would like to thank Mr Gordon for the way he treated my wife. He always had time for her and listened to what we had to say. He always examined her feet as well as looking at the Xrays and was always polite, pleasant and helpful. He showed concern and even jokingly told my wife off because she didn’t go to the hospital with a hand condition. Mr Gordon took time to examine this at the same time which we really appreciated. Once again we cannot thank him enough for his time and patience especially when dealing with my wife’s needle phobia where he put her mind at ease. Again many thanks. Mrs P C, Bedfordshire Foot PainAugust 2013

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Ankle Fusion

Before my operation, I was unable to walk without being in constant pain and it really restricted my quality of life. I had to wear high sided shoes to try and give my ankle extra support. I also had to wear a compression stocking to stop the ankle from swelling.

I was extremely pleased with the way Mr Gordon dealt with my problem. From the first consultation, through the Ankle Fusion operation (keyhole), the aftercare and the final signing off, everything went like clockwork.

I am now walking very well and most importantly of all, without pain. Having been told recovery could take up to 12 months I have reached this stage in 6.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Gordon and his office team.

MR R T, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, December 2021

Ankle Surgery - Arthroscopic

I am very pleased with my treatment before during and after my operation, I have far more movement in my ankle and have just booked a skiing trip!!

Mrs H P, Luton, Bedfordshire, December 2015

Following repeated ankle injuries I went to see Mr Gordon. He performed an ankle arthroscopy and I am very happy with the result. As result of the procedure and good physiotherapy any pain has disappeared and my ankle strenght has now massively increased. His personal assistant Helen was very helpful and friendly, and always ready to answer any questions.

Mrs L P. St Albans, Hertfordshire June 2015

Ratings ****

Injury – Fractured left calcaneus (heal bone) date of injury – 10/11/2014 (Tenerife) Operation: MUA and K-wires (Tenerife) Complication: 6mm diameter medical wound After my accident and subsequent operation in Tenerife, I returned to the UK and was given Mr Gordon’s name by an acquaintance of my wife. At the time of my first consolation, I was in plaster with an infected surgical wound and a great deal of pain. Mr Gordon’s calm and thorough manner immediately put me at ease. After viewing the images of my foot, he took the time to explain the extent of my injury. He then took immediate action, removing the cast and clearing the infected tissue. After redressing, he fitted a new cast light weight with window to allow further inspection of the wound. Two weeks later he removed the K-wires (painlessly)and fitted an Air cast boot which gave me my mobility back. On subsequent consultations his advice, manner and expertise were the deciding factors in the speed and quality of my recovery. I am now 6 months on from what was a nasty injury, discharged, working fulltime and able to walk my dogs each morning with little or no discomfort. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr David Gordon to anyone.

Mr W R, Dunstable, Bedfordshire July 2014

Ratings *****

I went to see Mr Gordon having sprained my ankle playing football. I had a background of multiple footballing injuries which I’d brushed off in the past, but the ankle pain and swelling was still persistent after physiotherapy treatment. After examination by Mr Gordon and various tests it was revealed I had a cartilage tear in the ankle and that the ligaments were very thin, although I wasn’t complaining of ankle instability. In each consultation, Mr Gordon explained everything in a clear, concise and open manner, with ample opportunity to ask any questions. I was also taken through the test results and could see for myself where and how my ankle was injured. At no point in the process did I feel anything was being hidden from me, which can sometimes be the case when receiving medical treatment. Mr Gordon performed a stress fuse to test the laxity in the ankle (to guide if future ligament reconstruction was required), followed by an ankle arthroscopy and microfracture procedure to remove the damaged cartilage and stimulate growth on the exposed bone. I then followed a rehabilitation programme with a physiotherapist and had periodic consultations with Mr Gordon until nine months after surgery. I am happy with the outcome of the treatment I have received.

Mr A H, Dunstable, Bedfordshire July 2014

I am so pleased with the result of my ankle. I am highly active and became very limited in sports after 2 sprains leaving an aching ankle and swelling that increased every time I did any sport. Mr Gordon investigated and found it to be a ganglion – he removed it under a local anathestic (normally would need a general, but he complied with my wishes not to be asleep.. and gave me an ankle block and I was able to listen and see what was going on during the 1 hr surgery… I was very grateful for that – it made a huge difference to me… and Mr Gordon really did put my wishes first!). The ankle looks great again – like a normal ankle (apart from a scar) and I am back to full sport. I did also have an injection to reduce some inner swelling. I was really impressed that Mr Gordon wanted to ensure that everything was treated, not just the original symptomps, and he has now referred me to a podiatrist (which he organised) for follow up on the tiny remaining thing. I always enjoyed my consultations with Mr Gordon – he is friendly, easy to talk to and understanding… as well as being professional. He seems to be really on top of his subject and using all latest technology and resources available. His follow up letters were timely and informative and kept everyone (e.g. doctor, physio, podiatrist) updated. I would definitely recommend him for any sporting injury.

Mrs K G, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire April 2014

Just a brief note to thank Helen for the efficient and cheerful way in which she dealt with any queries or arrangements arising from consultations and procedures undertaken by Mr Gordon. No matter how minor the question may have been she followed it up quickly,checking personally with Mr Gordon if necessary and gave a speedy response. In my experience this is well above average for the medical profession.

Mr K W, St Albans, Hertfordshire Peroneal (Ankle) Tendon Tear August 2013

If I could buy a T shirt with “I like David Gordon” on it I would! The injection has worked miracles and I am delighted.

Mrs C R, Oakley, Bedfordshire Ankle Pain June 2013

Four years ago I fell down the stairs. I went to the minor injuries unit and was told my very painful and swollen ankle was ligament damage. I went on holiday four days later but the pain continued and eventually I went to the local cottage hospital. My ankle was fractured in two places; hairline fracture of the fibula and the end of the tibia was snapped off, the piece of bone being 3mm away from the end tibia. I was put in plaster and went to the fracture clinic upon my return. It was the general consensus of opinion that the injury was too far gone for any operation to be of any use. As the years have gone by the ankle became more painful and unstable. Finally in January 2013 I had a very bad fall when the ankle gave way while going up stone steps. I was fortunate to be referred to Mr Gordon as an NHS patient. At my first appointment Mr Gordon put me at ease. He examined my ankle, sent me for an X-ray, CT scan and gave me a cortisone injection for the pain, although temporary it was something my other consultant would not do. Two days later I had an MRI and saw Mr Gordon a week after my initial appointment. He explained my options but could see I was not happy about an operation. Mr Gordon suggested a course of physiotherapy to strengthen the ankle. However, after a couple more falls and many many sleepless nights, especially for my wife, Mr Gordon advised that there was no alternative but to operate to pin the bone back in place and perform an arthroscopy. He explained the procedure clearly, showed me the scans and what he hoped to achieve. I was very hesitant but he assured me that he would not do the operation if he did not know he could improve my pain and stability by at least 50%. It has now been 12 weeks since the operation. The wounds have healed without any trouble. I followed Mr Gordon’s post operation instructions to the letter and consequently the operation has been a success, better than I could ever have hoped for – I have no pain in my ankle! I am now undergoing a course of physiotherapy to strengthen the ankle and improve my walking, as for a long time I have been favouring my good leg. I would like to thank Mr Gordon and the staff at Spire Bushey Hospital for their care and professionalism throughout my time with them.

Mr C B, St Albans, Hertfordshire Ankle Fracture and Cartilage Lesion September 2013

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Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

After years of issues with my right ankle, while out running I well and truly damaged it. I had extreme pain, could not weight bear, swelling, bruising and numbness. I attended A&E and was then referred to the fracture clinic. Everyone told me something different, or what it might be, but I was never told what it was. Seeing Mr Gordon was a breath of fresh air. He sat and listened, letting me explain all the issues and symptoms. Once I had finished he then asked me about me, my hobbies, my work and my ambitions. He took his time assessing the injury, explaining what he was doing throughout. I instantly felt comfortable and fully informed. Once assessed Mr Gordon explained his opinion and where he felt was best to go from there giving me time frames, a prognosis and control of the decisions made. From that point on every option and outcome was fully explained, when I had a question both Mr Gordon and his secretary, Hellen Sellars, made themselves available to answer and explain. When Mr Gordon explained that he felt surgery was the best option I had complete confidence in accepting his advice. Mr Gordon made sure I was aware of what the surgery entailed and the recovery process. Having already told him of my ambition to complete an Ironman competition in 6 months time, I needed the surgery asap. Mr Gordon and Hellen worked their schedules so I was in surgery within 10days, this gave me the 6 months recovery I required. Post operation Mr Gordon was there to explain how the surgery went and what I should expect in the following few days. Once I had returned home, Hellen was again always available to answer questions for me. Throughout the recovery Mr Gordon has been there to explain the process, any pains I was feeling and issues I had to be mindful of. He has also been willing and understanding as I have pushed the recovery timeframe in my eagerness to return to full fitness as soon as possible. Now at 5 months post op, I cannot believe the difference. Even though I know I have a way to go, my ankle is stable, pain free and making it possible for me to push myself to bigger and better things. Having visited many A&E departments, spoken to private and NHS consultants Mr Gordon has by far been the most communicative, understanding and reliable medical professional I have consulted. I would recommend all of my friends and family to visit him if necessary.

Mr N M Stevenage, Hertfordshire August 2014

I was referred to Mr Gordon by my GP. I told Mr Gordon that I would ‘roll over’ on my ankle up to three times a week after spraining it years before and it had never recovered. He decided I should undertake Ankle Ligament Reconstruction surgery. The surgery went perfectly well, I spent almost 6 weeks in a boot but thanks to his comprehensive aftercare instructions and physio recommendation I made a full and fast recovery. I’d like to thank Mr Gordon, Helen and all the staff at Spire Harpenden, I couldn’t have wished for better care.

Mrs D P, Dunstable, Bedfordshire Ankle ligament reconstruction March 2014

I was referred to David by my GP, and right from the first consultation, I found his manner, professionalism and knowledge to be incredibly brilliant. He is a man who knows his profession, and he really does care about his client/patient. I had fallen over on my ankle and had to have pins put into it and the ligaments rebuilt. When it came to the dreaded day of the operation, let’s just say that I was just a tad nervous. He immediately put me at ease, and was there when I awoke. His after-care service is paramount to patient well-being. I found it to be more than caring. He has done absolute wonders for me, even when, 2 weeks incapacitated in bed in plaster, and then 6 weeks in the air boot, and even more so when, 2 months after the operation and physio was going so well, I ended up rupturing the good work that he had taken time and effort to do, he was desolate (as was I) when my physio had to start from stage one again. He thought that he had failed. FAR FROM IT. It was my “impatience” to get back on the straight and narrow again which unfortunately kind of wrecked it all. Nevertheless, he got me back in the boot for 6 weeks, and my my physio did begin again. I can now state with absolute surity, that I am getting it back together again, mainly because I was prepared to listen to him and take his advice. He has requested that I keep him updated on my progress, and naturally I will continue to do so. I would have absolutely no qualms whatsoever in recommending him and his P.A. Helen. They are a good team, and he has worked wonders and miracles for me, for which I am unashamedly forever and most grateful to him and will always be. He is a superlative surgeon, extremely confident, incredibly polite and approachable and a brilliant man, who I would greatly consider a friend. Just look at his credntials, and the locations that he operates from. This doesn’t come lightly: this is hard work, even if he does look so young! He doesn’t get 10/10… he gets 100/10. I honestly wish him much continued success. Am I happy: most definitely YES. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart, it was, is, and always will be a privilege.

Mr D D, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Ankle ligament reconstruction June 2013

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Big Toe Arthritis Surgery - Minimally Invasive

For a while I noticed my right big toe moving gradually inwards and the bone bulging outwards, but ignored it. Eventually, the pain caused by the bunion was making me so miserable. I was limited to wearing a couple of pairs of shoes and had stopped most activities, all thoroughly frustrating.

The NHS advised surgery with a considerably long recovery time which concerned me because of the impact on my job. So I researched keyhole surgery and found David Gordon. With keyhole hallux vulgus correction being one of his specialities and his credentials, it seemed like a no brainer to at least meet him.

I'm sure I was a bit grumpy, stressed and tentative when I first met Mr Gordon, especially as I was now experiencing new pain in both knees. From the get go, he was straight forward, informative and answered all my questions. I found him to be (despite my initial sober demeanor) personable and warm throughout.

On the day of surgery, Mr Gordon saw me before and after the procedure and even just before I was anaesthetised in the theatre, he asked if I was comfortable. Post-operation, I had a succession of appointments and felt closely monitored and well cared for. The procedure from start to finish was pain free and uncomplicated. I was back at work within four weeks (working from home within two weeks) with an amazing result.

Mr Gordon also advised on the cause of the knee pain and recommended a wonderful physiotherapist who resolved it within a month.

Support from Mr Gordon's team was professional and courteous, with my enquiries dealt with in a timely manner.

I am now pain free and can wear my party shoes and trainers comfortably and have resumed playing tennis! My feet look pretty again so much so that I have returned to wearing my toe rings!

I would not only recommend this particular procedure but also Mr Gordon and his team who quite evidently have the expertise and resources to undertake it in a very efficient manner.

Mrs N H, Watford, Hertfordshire, July 2020

After struggling with arthritis in my large toe joint, I was limited as to which shoes I could wear that were comfortable, so after having steroid injections I took the plunge and on my doctor’s recommendation I was referred to David Gordon. What a fabulous approachable consultant. I explained that I'm very active even though I've joined the 60s club this year, I walk at least 2-3 miles a day with my dog, play tennis competitively as well as socially, and the thought of not being able to do these again would be unbearable.

At first I was going down the route of a toe joint replacement, but after x-rays and a scan, 2 cysts were discovered, resulting in the bone not being sound enough to accept a replacement. A toe joint fusion and bone graft was my option.

Fantastic, the first couple of weeks were the hardest with strict elevation, then gradually I was able to do more. 4-5 weeks post op I was walking my dog 1-2 miles every other day with the surgical shoe on , with slight discomfort but nothing I didn't expect after what I'd had done. I went back to work after 5 weeks, and my job does involve standing all day. I'm now 7 weeks post op, and am so pleased with the result so far. l have no pain like l had before, and am told l should be able to wear small heels and hope to be playing tennis after February.

I can't thank David Gordon enough, or my doctor for referring me to him.

Mrs S G, St Albans, Hertfordshire, November 2018

Thank you so much for agreeing to operate on my foot last May. I am really delighted with the result!

Before this operation, and as a result of a horse treading on my foot, my second toe was raised up ( hammer toe ), the big toe was moving across under the second toe and a bunion was beginning to form. All this was causing a lot of pain and discomfort, causing me to limp, limiting walking, and the type of shoe I could wear. To minimise the pain I was walking on the side of my foot.

Now, however, three months after the cheilectomy on the big toe, and hammer toe correction – Akin Osteotomy – on the 2nd toe, I am walking very comfortably, and am able to wear most of my shoes again, including high heels and dressage boots!

Recovery time has been so much quicker with this minimally invasive surgery, and I did not experience much pain. I performed all the exercises religiously! Now there is only a little swelling which is gradually subsiding and the lumpy feeling under my foot has gone. At last I am walking normally again!

My sincere thanks for taking such good care of me!

Mrs D W, Aylesbury, Bucks August 2016

I am 67 year old female who has always been fit and active. I had a consultation with Mr Gordon in August 2015 following more and more discomfort with a large hallux ridigus on my left foot and a smaller one on my right. I was very apprehensive before the consultation but Mr Gordon immediately put me at ease by his calm and reassuring manner. He informed me that he could carry out keyhole surgery to remove the hallux rigidus on both feet at the same time and assured me that I would be mobile almost immediately. I was given the choice of a local anaesthetic or a general, I opted for a general and was delighted to put be to sleep and woken up to find it was all over.

On the day of the operation there was an unfortunate delay and my operation took place at 7pm. I was back in my room by 10pm and had to stay in for the night just to be on the safe side as I had a general anaesthetic. I had been measured for crutches before the operation and the Physio arrived at 8am to see how I managed with them. After a few steps she asked me to put the crutches away and to walk up and down the stairs. I was amazed that I could walk without any aids and I managed to walk out of the hospital to the car park leaving the crutches behind.

I rested with my feet up for 3 days and even managed to pop into the office after 5 days just to catch up on what had gone on in my absence. I followed the exercise programme and other advice on the instruction sheet and I feel that this helped me to progress speedily. On my 6 week check up my right foot had no pain or discomfort, my left foot had discomfort and I could feel a clicking sensation especially when I pressed my foot on the clutch of my car. Mr Gordon asked me to continue the exercises aggressively to ensure I got as much movement as possible. The exercises are key to improving mobility.

4 months later I am able to put on normal shoes without any pain or discomfort, I can walk up to 5 miles at a good pace. I have just returned from a holiday and for the first time in years I have been able to walk barefooted and not be embarrassed at what we’re very ugly lumps on my feet, but the best thing is no pain.

I can’t thank Mr Gordon enough for his expertise and his kindness. The anaesthetist and all the staff at The Spire were excellent.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Gordon and his team.

Mrs L B, Hertford, Hertfordshire, March 2016

I had a big toe fusion and it has gone brilliant. Really happy with the hospital and Mr Gordon. Very good care during and after my operation.

Mrs C D, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire November 2015

I had an operation on my foot in 2011- right 1st cheilectomy. My foot never stopped hurting following this, I couldn’t get my shoes on without pain and swelling so I went back to my GP two years later still in pain. He referred me to Mr Gordon and after a small wait I went to see him and following x-rays he recommended I had a right 1st MTP fusion. Mr Gordon was so nice and caring and an excellent surgeon. I found him very easy to talk to and we discussed my wish to still wear high heels at the age of 65. He laughed and asked me to bring in the heels I wanted to wear so he could create a fiberglass imprint of the inner shoe to use as a template. He fused my toe to the desired degree of dorsiflexion with two screws so I had a solid fix. After the operation I had no pain and after two weeks the wound had healed. Four weeks later I took my shoes to the consultation and I felt like cinders – the shoe actually fitted! Great job Mr Gordon. Thank you so much.

Mrs I B, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Foot pain May 2014

I am a 43 year old male and have suffered from Hallux Rigidus in both feet for a number of years. The restriction in movement from the bone spurs had become extremely painful to the point where any bending of the toe during walking, squatting etc. was excruciating. I was severely restricted to selection of shoes I could wear due to the pain whilst putting them on and during walking. I was eventually referred by my GP to Dr Gordon through BUPA and the initial consultation was at the Spire Hospital, Harpenden. The consultation, X-Rays, diagnosis and recommendation for a Bilateral Cheilectomy was complete within the hour. After an excellent consultation with Dr Gordon I opted to have the operation on both feet at the same time. The operation was performed at the Spire Hospital . The hospital staff, Dr Gordon and clinical support made the whole experience relaxed and at every stage we were well informed of what was going on. I opted for a general anaesthetic, which went smoothly and woke from the operation with both feet bandaged and surgical sandals fitted. I was discharged from hospital the same day with crutches. Over the next four days, following Dr Gordons excellent post-operative instructions, I suffered no pain with feet elevated (which is very important) and changed the dressing after 4 days. I could walk (although very tenderly) after a couple of days and could walk in shoes after about a week. I returned to work after 2 weeks. It is important to follow the post-operative exercises and although these can be painful in the first instance, the benefits are amazing as the range of motion in the toe increased significantly over the weeks. Now, 3 months after the operation, I can easily go for 8-10 mile dog walks at the weekend, my gait has improved dramatically as I can now bend the toes as I walk. Impact activities like squash and football can still be painful, but these are improving each week. I cannot overemphasise how much this procedure has relieved the pain I was in, although there is still some level of pain in the joint, but this can be expected as the joint is arthritic. I really want to pass on my personal thanks to Dr Gordon for the operation to allow me to walk pain free again.

Mr K A, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, Big Toe Arthritis Surgery November 2013

I had my big toe joint replacement nine months ago. I play a lot of sport, frequently participate in ballroom and Latin American dancing and gardening. All of these activities involve the bending of my big toe and prior to the operation all of this was very painful as was wearing of high heels. I can now work on my allotment for hours, attend the whole of the dance sessions, play a full game of tennis and run my own bed and breakfast business. I was told that it would take a year for the replacement to heal completely. I still experience some slight discomfort, but since I am 75 years old this is no surprise. I think that it is important to follow the post-operative exercises. I am most grateful to Mr Gordon and his team for the their very friendly and efficient treatment.

Mrs J G, Hertfordshire. Big Toe Joint Replacement August 2013

If I had known about Mr Gordon 5 years ago when I sustained an injury to my right foot, I would never have left it! The constant swelling and discomfort around the toe joint was, increasingly over time, making a negative impact on my daily routine and so, despite my aversion to hospitals and surgery, I saw Mr Gordon whose professional yet easy, personable approach left me in no doubt that my foot would be in the best hands! I was so pleased when, at only 8 weeks post op, I was comfortably back into my regular fitness regime which involves 4 to 5 hours of dance and step classes weekly as well as the added bonus of reintroducing my feet to high heeled shoes…something I could never even have contemplated before the surgery. Thank you Mr Gordon…an excellent surgeon with a flair for patient care!

Mrs S H, Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire Big Toe Arthritis Surgery July 2013

At the initial consultation I was very pleased with the clear information Mr. Gordon gave me. Throughout the process I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity. On the day of the operation I was reassured by Mr.Gordon and I found the nursing staff to be courteous and very helpful and as a result I felt very confident before going into theatre. This excellent care also continued after the operation in recovery and on the day care ward. In particular both Mr. Gordon and the Anaesthetist listened to me. When I told Mr. Gordon I’d had a long recovery time following a previous operation he rescheduled my operation to be earlier in the day and the Anaesthetist also adapted the sedatives to suit my needs. I was treated as an individual. I felt the whole experience was professional, efficient and caring.

Mrs B S, Luton, Bedfordshire Big Toe Arthritis Surgery June 2013

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I had bad bunions that I’d suffered with since my late teens and really, I hated my feet! However there was nothing I could do except major open surgery which I knew was painful and very inconvenient so I lived with my feet for two more decades until I heard of minimally invasive surgery.

Keen to explore the options, I visited Mr Gordon and felt immediately at ease, confident that he could correct my feet.

I had surgery during May half term and honestly, I experienced so little pain it amazed me! I wore rather ugly sandals with bandages for two weeks, then the bandages came off and I continued with the sandals for another three weeks. During that time I did my best to rest but with two children and being an active person, it wasn’t easy. I was walking well and as soon as I was allowed trainers (6 weeks) resumed running. In fact, I was back in heels 8 weeks after surgery although expect your feet to swell for up to 6 months post op (mine went up and down).

That was over a year ago. My feet have given me no trouble, they look sooooo much better, I can wear nice shoes. I have no pain and I am really over the moon!

Mrs E C, Barnet, Hertfordshire, July 2020

I had suffered with the joints in my feet since childhood, always struggled with footwear and felt extremely self conscious of my feet for as long as I can remember. Over the last 10 years my feet had become increasingly painful with large unsightly bunions developing on both feet. My range of footwear was becoming very limited because of the pain in my feet. Also I was finding that many of the weight bearing activities I enjoy such as hill walking, running and intensity training were becoming too painful to endure. I also had pain in my toes and joints during mountain biking and was dealing with it by using special shoes and fat pedals.

I sought help from the NHS via my GP and was dismissed at first, told to go to Scholl to sort my feet out and then eventually, after much perseverance on my part, referred for orthotics. Orthotics gave some temporary relief for everyday activities but didn’t address my issues with footwear or sporting activities. I was advised that surgery on the NHS would result in a long recovery and a massive reduction in the mobility in my feet so best avoided unless absolutely necessary.

I then came across an article in the newspaper about minimally invasive keyhole surgery to treat bunions and the feedback from patients was very positive. After much consideration I decided to pursue this treatment via the NHS and was informed that it was not routinely available, not available in Wales and referral would likely take years.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and after some extensive research, settled on Mr Gordon as the prime surgeon to sort my feet out. I contacted his secretary Helen, who was absolutely fantastic and I was booked in for a consultation within the week.

Mr Gordon was professional, friendly and sympathetic towards me and my awful feet and assured me that I was a good candidate for keyhole surgery. With the help of Helen, I was booked in for bilateral surgery with in a couple of weeks and had plenty of information of what was going to happen. The surgery was carried out at Spire Bushey and I was very impressed with the hospital and the care I was given by the surgical and nursing team. I went in for my operation at 9am and woke up a couple of hours later in no pain at all, just feeling groggy from the general anaesthetic. I spent most of the afternoon coming round and was looked after by a team of fabulous hospital staff whose care and attention was second to none. At about 4 pm in the afternoon, after a session with the physio, I was able to walk on crutches. Both feet were heavily bandaged and I was given a post surgery rehabilitation package, special sandals, crutches and an abundance of painkillers to start taking once the anaesthetic blocks wore off. I had a 4 hour journey home in the back of my parents car, wrapped in a duvet with my feet elevated as instructed and then I was fortunate enough to spend a week at my wonderful parents home being waited on hand and foot. I then returned home where I live alone. I was able to manage fine at home and followed the post operative instructions to the letter. Although a little tender when weight bearing, my feet were completely pain free from the moment the anaesthetic blocks wore off and I didn’t need to take the strong pain killers that I was prescribed.

I had the bandages off two weeks after the op and was really surprised at the amazing transformation of my feet and the minimal marks on my feet from the surgery. I took the full six weeks off work as I had a bilateral procedure and I felt that I wanted to give my feet the best post op recovery that I could. I was in trainers a month post op and able to walk normally at that point with no pain. I had all my normal range of mobility back at this point too.

When the first post op X-rays were taken, I was astonished at the size of the screws in my feet and to this day I still can’t believe they are in there! Progress after I went back to work has been rapid, I went on my first mountain bike ride 8 weeks post op and did my first intensity training session 12 weeks post op. From there, I went from strength to strength and now, six months post op, I am routinely running 5 miles at a time, going mountain biking 30 miles plus at a time and spending all day on my feet shopping with my mum. I plan to do the half Tough Mudder challenge in August! I have full mobility and flexibility in my feet and toes and can wear 4 inch heels with no problem at all. I now have no joint pain in my feet whatsoever where as preoperatively, my joints would ache severely after any form of exertion or wearing heeled footwear. I am no longer self conscious of my feet as they look normal and a whole new world of footwear has opened up to me as my feet are now a normal shape. I have noticed I walk with a better posture now and I no longer suffer hard skin on the side of my big toes or balls of my feet. The only evidence of my op is a couple of tiny scars on my feet and these are continuing to fade.

I can’t express how pleased I am with the outcome of my surgery and have to say it’s been a lot of money for me but worth every penny as it’s made such a difference to my life, health and well being. I would absolutely recommend Mr Gordon and his administrative team along with all the staff at Spire Bushey who were just fantastic. Last but not least, I express my great thanks and gratitude to my amazing parents as I couldn’t have done the travelling and recovery downtime without them.

Miss, R W, Wales, May 2017

My feet had troubled me for so many years that I had grown accustomed to making accommodations. Both feet had developed severe deformities, big toes slanting by +60 degrees with hammer toes on both second and third toes. The effect of this was painful joints, corns, ugly, hard calloused skin on tops of toes and balls of feet, and a complete inability to wear any style of shoe, even slip on ‘pump’ style shoes. I was limited to wearing either flat soled, wide fitting boots or (ghastly) ‘crocs’. It was physically impossible for me to wear a pair of flip-flops. I eventually realised that, in fact, I could no longer function, I could not wear a pair of shoes appropriate for a professional work environment, I literally could not walk in a pair of flats without my toes being ‘shredded’ and the corns causing excruciating pain. Needless to say high heels were out of the question. All my trainers and boots were quickly ruined with big unsightly bulges developing to accommodate my huge bunions.

Being unable to wear shoes also meant that I could never wear a dress or skirt (as I couldn’t wear with boots), so I could never enjoy ‘dressing-up’ for social or work occasions, or ever feel ‘feminine’. This was really embarrassing at times, it affected my confidence as I often felt ‘under-dressed’, unprofessional and consequently demoralised.

I eventually decided enough was enough, the tipping point was going for an interview and being unable to walk from the reception area to the lift in a pair of flat pump shoes without limping, despite having covered my toes in blister plasters.

I searched on google to find a private surgeon who specialised in key-hole bunion surgery. I was impressed with Mr Gordon’s website and the testimonials. When I met Mr Gordon at Harpenden Spire, I immediatly felt relief! I was confident that he would be able to help me. Mr Gordon took time and effort to listen to me, explain the procedure, understand what outcome I wanted and what was possible given my level of deformity (exacerbated by underlying hyper mobility).

Following my first consultation with Mr Gordon I booked the surgery. Mr Gordon’s executive assistant Helen was tremendously helpful and accommodating. I had to have two separate 2.5 hour operations and Helen managed to slot me in for my first surgery, just a couple of weeks after my initial consultation, at Spire Bushey, followed by my second surgery at Spire Harpenden 2 weeks later.

I can honestly say that the level of care at both Harpenden and Bushey was fabulous, the hospital facilities, the nursing staff, the food, absolutely everything was professional, attentive, relaxing and comforting.

The surgery was exactly as had been explained. The foot is numbed so when I woke from the general anaesthetic there was no pain at all. My first thought was literally elation … although bandaged my foot was obviously straight!!!!! Unbelievable!!! I was discharged the same day, the pain medication provided was effective and together with ice packs and elevation I had no issues at all with pain management. I could move about fairly freely using the surgical shoe and once confident I didn’t need crutches after day 2.

The post operative instructions were very clear, thorough and reasonable. I followed them easily and made sure I practiced them every day as per the requirements.

When the bandages came off Mr Gordon applied splints to bring the toes into the correct alignment. These were soft and comfortable.

8 weeks after the operation my feet were totally perfect and the pain was pretty much gone, I didn’t need to take any pain relief but made sure I continued with the post operative instructions for exercises, elevation and ice-packs. Not only were my feet straight but Mr Gordon had also removed all the unsightly hard skin / corns on my toes which have now healed and look lovely (no scarring). In addition, the persistent corn under my toe nail and the hard skin on the balls of my feet has disappeared! The skin is smooth and soft... naturally.

It is now 4 months since the first operation. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I feel blessed!! I am a normal person with normal feet and can wear normal shoes. I now have a full wardrobe of dresses, pretty shoes and of course matching handbags... I don’t just feel like a new woman, I am one!!!! I just can’t wait for summer and being able to wear flip-flops!!

I just cannot recommend this surgery highly enough. The minimally invasive, key-hole surgery which Mr Gordon practices with extraordinary skill is amazing. Without this procedure, and Mr Gordon’s expertise, the deformity I had would have been treated by fusing the joints of my big toes and I would not have had any movement. Instead I have full movement and minimal (practically no) scarring. My feet look so pretty!!

I commute to London and walk to work every day, I have no pain, only occasional swelling (as advised) after a long day but a paracetamol or ibuprofen is sufficient.

I just can’t honestly believe that in only 4 short months I have been completely cured of a really inhibiting disability. It feels like a miracle. This has changed my life in so many positive ways, mentally and physically … I am so thankful to Mr Gordon! Thank you!!!

Mrs C A, Berkhamsted Herts, May 2017

As I am quite an active lady who loves the outdoors my life was becoming unbearable.

I enjoy walking, but my main hobby is running, and I mean running, not jogging... there is a big difference!

Having quite a large lump on the side of my right big toe and numerous corns on my toes and the bottom of my foot, all my activities were becoming very unpleasant, even shopping was not enjoyable anymore!

The only footwear that I could wear comfortably were trainers and flat boots, no sandals or open toed shoes as I was embarrassed of the appearance of how my toes/foot looked, keeping it covered was the best option.

After many years of this, sometimes excruciating pain I had to seek help. After attending an evening discussion with Mr. Gordon at Spire Harpenden this prompted me to make the decision to go back and see Mr. Gordon about my painful feet. As it turns out, the best decision I have made in years!

Mr. Gordon agreed to perform a “revision right hallux correction (minimally invasive) procedure” on my right foot, I was a little apprehensive as this would be the third procedure on my right foot ( the first two NOT performed by Mr. Gordon).

My worries were unfounded as right from the start Mr. Gordon made me feel at ease with his understanding and concern.

The day of the procedure went very smoothly and I was home that evening. I was given exercises to do starting 3 days after the procedure which I did struggle with to start and seven weeks after my procedure I was referred to Spire Harpenden Physiotherapy, which really helped.

6 months later, I am now back running and walking and shopping with no pain and looking forward to buying a decent pair of sandals for the summer!

As I have already said the best decision I have made in years. I can’t thank Mr Gordon enough for agreeing to put right my toes/foot, this has transformed my life more than you could ever know. I now have a normal looking foot, the first time in years! Thank you so much.

Mrs L W, Hatfield Herts, May 2017

I had bunions on both feet for as long as I can remember, with the right one always more pronounced. I learnt to live with them and adjusted my shoes wardrobe to work around it – wide fit sections in any shop being my best friend! They weren’t too painful up until 3-4 years ago when I put on a bit of weight and subsequently lost it through exercise. I felt limited when doing activities such as running and cycling which frustrated me enough to start considering surgery. When I first looked into it (probably 3 years ago) I was terrified of the stories on the internet and gave up on the idea. But the pain and discomfort started to get worse and worse to the point where all I could wear were wide fit soft trainers. Being under 25 and working in technology with just one pair of comfortable shoes, dented my confidence and wardrobe choices. I wanted to increase my training and physical activities to a point where I could enter races, but my bunions were far too painful for any endurance sports. Summers were realllly horrible as the heat and the inability to wear pretty airy sandals meant I had 2 painful, hot and ugly feet and I finally plunged up the courage to look into surgery again.

I read about keyhole bunion surgery before and knew that would be my preferred choice given my age and lifestyle.

I saw my GP who referred me to a specialist but the consultation and the suggested treatment didn’t go great so I gave up on it again.

As the pain was not giving up, I did some research into surgeons who do the minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery and came across Mr. David Gordon’s website. I read the documentation on his website, as well as the patient testimonials and contacted his PA - Helen, who has been really helpful throughout.

She provided me with the information I needed and before I knew it, I had my first appointment. Mr David was brilliant, he examined my feet and as I had hoped, suggested keyhole surgery on both feet at the same time. He explained every detail carefully to me and I felt comfortable and trustful of his abilities.

I had my surgery on the 25th of January this year, and I am now (fully-ish) recovered, able to do all types of activities, as well as wear normal shoes – even heels!

The surgery was done under GA and I woke up feeling refreshed and bouncy – weird I know! I was on my feet straight away, using the special shoes. I followed Mr. David’s instructions post surgery religiously and my recovery has been swift.

I didn’t experience much pain, just mild pangs every now and then but I did not need painkillers. I used ice to reduce swelling when needed and elevated my feet as much as possible in the first few months.

As I look at my perfect cute feet each morning – I do wish I did this sooner! I am so very pleased with the results and feel lucky to have come across Mr David Gordon.

I can’t thank Mr David and Helen enough for the help and care they provided, I highly recommend seeing Mr. David for any bunion related issues!

Miss C B, Romford Essex, May 2017

I had been toying with bunion surgery for a while – both my mother and grandmother suffered from severe bunions and subsequent deformity on both feet during their lives… and I had come to the point where any type of fashionable shoe became uncomfortable and more often than not totally unbearable after any length of time wearing it! I had increased my shoe size to accommodate the bunion (which did help a little) but I still found that there was discomfort/swelling/redness to my left foot and decided that at 43 I was too young to spend the rest of my life in pain and in flat shoes!!

As such I did some ‘google’ research into the options available for bunion surgery in hope of finding a relatively quick solution as I had always heard dreadful stories about the pain of bunion surgery and the extended recovery period post-surgery. I soon came across David’s website and was amazed to see the video of the minimally invasive surgery. I knew instantly this was the option that best suited me. I also felt some relief knowing that surgery need not mean months off work after all! So without hesitation, I asked my GP for a referral.
David was extremely personable when I met him, he explained everything about the procedure in detail and gave me reassurance that I was in safe hands. Since my procedure and during my recovery David has been very caring and utterly professional… it is evident that he is passionate about his work and that the wellbeing of his patient is paramount. As someone who has worked in a clinical environment for a number of years amongst GPs/surgeons/consultants etc, I can honestly say that meeting David has made refreshing change – despite his experience, qualifications and expertise in his field he is someone who Is totally ‘down to earth’ being both capable and comfortable with communicating with his patients ‘on a level’…. and for this I have the utmost respect for him. It is an added bonus that I am now the proud owner of a lovely straight left foot and am very much looking forward to wearing my heels again!

I couldn’t sign off this testimonial without also giving a mention to Helen, David”s PA, who is very pleasant on the phone, helpful and accommodating.

I wish David every success for the future in what I firmly believe will be a highly rewarding and distinguished career.

Mrs A J Clarke, Lancashire, Oct 2016

I have had flat feet from birth, American. Starting in my early teens, I became very active in sports. My main limitation was being unable to run and finding the right trainers. As I moved into my twenties and thirties, my interest in exercise increased and I became certified in several group fitness programs, focusing mainly on spinning/indoor cycling. In my early forties, when I was based in Philadelphia I went to an orthopaedic surgeon, though not having huge issues with foot discomfort, he urged me to have them corrected. There were bunions developing on both feet. As I moved into my fifties, the discomfort increased (calluses and bunions) and it became increasing difficult to find comfortable shoes, mainly dress shoes. Over the last two years the discomfort increased considerably until I finally decided to see an orthopaedic surgeon (have been based in London for many years). I narrowed my search to Mr David Gordon.

I had my treatment for both feet, minimally invasive, last year on December 1st, 2015. I was very anxious leading up to the day, though have to say Mr Gordon (and his assistant Helen) were both brilliant setting my fears aside. I was also concerned it would significantly impact my exercise program and the 5 classes I teach. The surgery was intense, though I was treated excellently. Mr Gordon was very clear as to what I could/couldn’t do for the next few weeks, plus his website was extremely helpful. It’s now January 11th, 2016. I am off crutches and surgical boots. While the feet are still swollen, they look completely different, and bunions completely gone. Last week Mr Gordon showed me my x-rays, before and after. I was totally amazed. The bone structure completely changed (with the pins perfectly in place). While I still have a way to go, I am back wearing trainers and dress shoes, with little to no discomfort (any discomfort primarily due to the swelling).

I am so happy I have had this done, for too long I was living/walking with pain that could be corrected. I do regret not having it done earlier, ie in Philadelphia, but thankful that I selected Mr Gordon in London to make the correction.

On a final note, everyone at The London Clinic was amazing and treated me so well, all levels of service.

Mr T G, London, January 2016

I have been lucky enough to see Mr Gordon in relation to two separate conditions; a foot fracture and minimally invasive bunion surgery.

He immediately makes you feel at ease at the initial consultation and discusses treatment options in easy to understand terms. He also makes you feel as though you are his only patient when in reality there is a queue of people in the waiting area.

As a patient you want a Dr and surgeon who you trust, is very skilled at their craft and makes you feel calm and relaxed. Mr Gordon ticks all of these boxes and is clearly very passionate about his work.

He is supported by Helen Sellers his P.A, who is very professional and nothing is too much trouble to organise.

I would not hesitate to see him again in future and would recommend his expertise to others.

Miss V W, Carshalton, Surrey, November 2015

Having suffered from bunions on both feet since my teens, I finally summoned up the courage to do something about them at the age of 55! They were becoming more and more painful (and ugly) and I was beginning to get back ache from not walking correctly. After some research, I felt minimally invasive keyhole surgery was the way forward and, due to his particular interest in this type of procedure, Mr Gordon was recommended by my physiotherapist.

I really should have taken the plunge years ago instead of putting up with my painful and embarrassing bunions. I am now 6 months post-op and my feet look wonderful with their lovely straight big toes. The scars are fading and most of the swelling has gone down. I have good movement and am back to walking and exercising. The rehabilitation exercises are comprehensive – but crucial to follow in order to get a good recovery and outcome. I am not going to say all this was pain free – particularly in the first couple of months – but it has definitely been worth it.Shoe shops will no longer be places to dread!

I am delighted with the results of Mr Gordon’s expertise and with all the care I have received over the past 6 months. His calm and confident manner immediately puts you at ease – even when he says it would be better to have both feet done at the same time!! His sense of humour also helps! Everything to do with the procedure was explained in a straightforward and reassuring way and I immediately felt I was in good hands. So for anyone contemplating bunion surgery, I cannot recommend Mr Gordon highly enough.

Mrs J.P., Welwyn Garden City November 2015

I’m a 30 year old Aussie living in Vienna who just had hallux surgery in Austria (performed using scarf method) and despite having paid a high premium for private services, I feel the doctor [not Mr Gordon] has totally disregarded the need for proper after care instructions.

I just want to say thank you Mr Gordon, for the wonderful PDF guide on your website which is the most descriptive, easy-to- follow guide that I have found online. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have access to this – the surgeons here [in Austria] do so many procedures that one hallux op seems to mean nothing to them. I still have one foot to go, so maybe I’ll come to London!

Ms R D, Vienna, November 2015

I had a painful bunion on my right foot, I thought about surgery but was a bit scared about the whole shaving of the bone idea! After putting it off for a while eventually I plucked up the courage to investigate further.

I had health cover through work and found Mr Gordon, he was my first choice as he doesn’t shave the bone but performs minimal invasive surgery. how he performed the surgery sounded a lot more appealing!

I had great consultations before surgery which put my mind at ease as I was very nervous for the surgery itself. I had great support from the nurses on the day of the surgery & even though I was worrying about going under for the surgery I was reassured by everyone including Mr Gordon that all will be fine.

Post surgery I did have some pain but after a few days that went & I got to work on exercising my foot by following the post op care guide which is needed to start getting movement back in the foot. All went well and I did have swelling for a few months but was again reassured that it was normal.

6 months on & all is good, I no longer have pain in my foot, the swelling has gone down & my scars are pretty much non existent, fabulous!

Everyone I dealt with was fantastic, Mr Gordons surgery was amazing & if the bunion on my left foot starts to cause pain I know I can come back & will have nothing to worry about, all I can expect it great results & great care. Thank you.

Miss F S, Watford, Hertfordshire. Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, October 2015

Before my operation I would get pain in my feet if I was to walk a long distance and running was also painful. I found it difficult to sleep on my sides because of the pressure from my bed on the sides of my feet. Mr Gordon was very kind, he explained the whole procedure to me making sure I was happy with everything. On the day of my operation I was very scared but Mr Gordon came to see me before hand and helped by putting my worries at ease. I’m very happy with the final outcome of the operation, I love my feet now and enjoy walking and running.

Mr M D, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, October 2015

After complaining about pain in my foot,due to arthritis in the toe & bunions, for a number of years & finding it harder to find any nice shoes that fitted, I finally decided to do something about it. The result has been great! Minimally invasive surgery has meant I was back out running & my foot pain free in a few months. Those shoes relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe can now see the light again.

Mrs S B, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, March 2015

During my 40’s my bunion started to interfere with sports and I found it increasingly difficult to find shoes to fit.I had my surgery with Mr Gordon on 3rd November and was back on the tennis court by the end of December! Today 3/4 months post surgery I am delighted. I have no pain, no swelling and am able to wear all types of shoes including high heels! I recommend Mr Gordon and minimally invasive key hole surgery to anyone thinking about having a bunion corrected. You will be delighted.

Mr G E, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, March 2015

Having thought and talked about surgical correction of a bunion for some time, I finally went ahead with the operation. Two months later I have minimal swelling, a lovely straight toe and I am walking and exercising normally, (having religiously followed the recuperation advice from Mr Gordon). I have no hesitation in recommending the surgical procedure nor Mr Gordon, a very skilled and professional surgeon.

Mrs S E, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Minimally Invasive bunion surgery, February 2015

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On 11th November 2014, I arrived at the Spire hospital in Harpenden to have my bunion (Hallux Vulgar) surgery. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt safe and that I was in good hands. Mr Gordon has a calm, confident and reassuring bedside manner. His team were equally professional and I felt relaxed and well cared for throughout the procedure. I cannot remember a time when I did not having bunions but they had never stopped me from living a very active and normal family life. That is until 2013, when I began to find some activities were becoming harder and more uncomfortable – .0such as yoga, running and wearing shoes with higher heals – and even sleeping. At first, I adjusted my life to suit my bunions. I stopped weight bearing on my big toes and always slept with my feet outside of the duvet – to avoid the weight of the bedclothes pressing on my bunions. My bunions had become very red and sore – on holiday I hid my feet in the sand because they looked so tender and I didn’t want to draw people’s attention to them. Everywhere I looked I saw other people’s perfect feet. But it was pain rather than vanity that drove me to see my GP who then referred me to Mr Gordon. I had both bunions removed at the same time. I remember waking up after the surgery and looking down the bed at my straight toes – I felt so happy! I left hospital on the day of the operation. I experienced discomfort rather than pain in the following days. This was entirely manageable with the prescribed pain-killers. Mr Gordon gave me clear instructions about post-operative care, rest and exercise. I followed these to the letter. I found that the hardest part about the recovery period was staying in bed for two weeks with my feet elevated – this sounds much easier to do than it proved to be. It is now twelve weeks since my operation and I am delighted with the results. I still find it hard to believe that the feet I see are actually mine – every morning I look at them and I get a little thrill. And best of all, the pain and soreness I endured for so many years is gone. I have started exercising again and I can now enjoy walking the dog – pain free. My only regret is that I didn’t have this surgery, years ago. I felt completely confident and relaxed in in Mr Gordon’s care and I would thoroughly recommend him without hesitation to anyone contemplating bunion surgery.

Mrs J R, St Albans, Hertfordshire February 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gordon for the exemplary treatment carried out on my left and right bunions. As a keen runner I was finding exercise becoming more and more difficult particularly in my left toe joint, bunion guards failed to alleviate rubbing and pain. My G.P. referred me to Luton and Dunstable Hospital, where the consultation with Mr. Gordon explored non surgical procedures but we decided surgery to be the only answer details of which were thoroughly explained. Between us it was decided that operating on both feet at the same time was the best solution in my case, it made perfect sense as recovery time would be approximately 3 months for both feet or 2 x 3 if operated on separately. Surgery was scheduled for early October at the Luton and Dunstable, where I found all staff to be excellent. I was discharged the same day feet heavily bandaged and in surgical boots with clear and concise post operative rehabilitation protocol, which I followed religiously and believe it aided my timely recovery, pain and swelling was minimal. Within 4 weeks I returned to yoga and non weight bearing cardio exercise. Mid January I was back in running shoes building kilometres incrementally and am now back to my normal running regime. Regular outpatient visits confirmed all was going well. I would highly recommend Mr. Gordon whom I consider an excellent surgeon with great people skills and wish him much continued success.

Mrs L C, St Albans, Hertfordshire Bunion Surgery March 2014

I looked into having this surgery for a second time when my foot became terribly sore in shoes, I knew I had to have something done. The first time I decided against it as the post op period was going to be difficult, but when a couple of years on, the pain was worse, and the bunion and distorted toes even more uncomfortable, I thought I had better re-think. I was fortunate enough to find and meet David Gordon. From the first appointment he instilled a calm and uba professional approach to the whole proceedings. He explained clearly the procedure, and exactly what he needed to do and exactly what I should expect afterwards. I had no hesitation in agreeing to proceed this time around, he made me feel I was in a very safe pair of hands. And I was!! It’s now 6 weeks after the operation, the pin which had to remain in one of my toes has been taken out (and it didn’t hurt one little bit!!). The scars on my foot can hardly be seen already and I am at last free to exercise, drive and even in a little while wear the Jimmy Choos’ for my company Christmas party this year! I cannot recommend David Gordon enough – he has a great bedside manner which when you are nervous is worth it’s weight in gold. He made me feel cared for and well looked after. The op went well but he wasn’t happy about the circulation in one of the toes – so much so that he personally sent me a text the day after the op and asked if I would mind popping back to the hospital to see him as he wanted peace of mind that everything was on track. He needn’t have worried, it was all healing nicely, but the fact is, it was on his mind and he couldn’t forget about it until he knew for sure all was well. Now that to me is a man behind the consultant who actually cares about what he does and always wants to get it right for his patients. A really winning combination and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed any of the surgeries he specialises in. They do say behind every man is a good woman – this scenario is no exception. Helen Sellars is Mr Gordon’s PA and she is fantastic. I e mailed her countless times with questions and she always responded immediately and helped me through it all tremendously. She was a brilliant support for Mr Gordon, but also for me – a superstar, and very efficient. Everyone knows that no surgery should be undertaken without a full awareness of what and why your having an op performed, but once you have made the decision to proceed, I would urge you to contact Helen, arrange to meet Mr Gordon and put yourself in his very capable hands. You won’t regret it. Absolutely sound guy, great support and brilliant at what he does.

Mrs L O, Hillingdon, Uxbridge Bunion Surgery October 2013

Mr. Gordon spent time in explaining in fine detail the procedure and risks involved in operating and gave me time to decide whether to go ahead or not. On the second consultation in July 2013 I decided to have the operation, which was arranged and carried out on 30 August 2013. I went home with both feet in bandages and surgical shoes and was able to put my feet to the ground and walk, although I did have to follow “Post Operative Rehabilitation Protocol” and strictly elevate my feet as much as possible. This I found extremely helpful. Throughout the procedure my general welfare was adequately monitored and assisted. I was very pleased that the operation went successfully and once the swelling has settled I will be in normal shoes again. May I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gordon and his team for their outstanding professionalism throughout and for all the first class care they have given me in Luton & Dunstable Hospital and to highly recommend Mr. Gordon to any persons considering similar treatment.

Mrs FS Bunion Surgery August 2013

I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Gordon on the NHS at the Luton and Dunstable hospital re my painful bunion which were rubbing on even the softest shoes and stopping me walking far. Despite Mr Gordon’s youthful appearance it was clear from the outset he was an expert in his field. He has a superb manner which makes him approachable and one feel that no question or concern is too trivial and yet promotes confidence and authority. I researched his credentials ,as is my way, and was thrilled to see how qualified he is, although it his his manner that sets him apart. On the day of my operation which was originally just for my bunion I pointed out my hammer toe and Mr Gordon agreed to sort that too- common sense and saving the nhs time with another referral/ operation time at a later date. My operation went smoothly and recovery was exactly as Mr Gordon said. Seeing one of his team at out patients after the operation made me realise how comfortable Mr Gordon makes one feel as despite their obvious knowledge, their bedside manner was much more officious and felt very impersonal. Mr Gordon came in at the end and pointed out what should have been done- if everyone mirrored his approach the NHS would be in a far better place, in my opinion. I have good flexibility in my big toe, neat scarring and no pain! Following problems with foot surgery carried out elsewhere my mother sought a referral to Mr Gordon who made her confident that her foot could be fixed despite her previous difficult experience. No mean feat. He was completely sympathetic regarding her fears and never impatient. I do not hesitate to recommend Mr Gordon. I shall certainly track him down when my other foot’s bunion develops!

Mrs T B, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Bunion surgery June 2013

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Chronic exertional compartment syndrome

I first went to see Dr David Gordon after 2-3 years of physiotherapy having been diagnosed with shin splints and getting nowhere. Dr Gordon almost immediately diagnosed me with potential chronic exertion compartment syndrome . After the diagnosis I went and had a relatively painless test which involved jogging on the spot for ten minutes (with breaks) which confirmed that I had this syndrome. Dr Gordon soon had me in an operating theatre for a fasciotomy on both legs. I was back on my feet and training within 3 weeks with little to no pain throughout the recovery process. Overall it was a quick, almost painless process with Dr David Gordon doing a great job both with the diagnosis and the operation and his P.A Helen who has also been amazing, supporting me whenever I have had questions and always available at the end of the phone. Thanks to him I am back into roller hockey after being out for a year due to incredible amounts of pain. I would highly recommend anyone to see him.

Mr J H, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Ratings *****

Foot Pain

Mr Gordon was very helpful & put my at my ease at once. The treatment options were clearly explained and had the desired effect.

Mrs T W, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, November 2019

I contacted Mr. Gordon in the first instance as I had pain in the ball of my left foot for about three months, which moved to the top of my foot just above my second toe. In addition, I had quite a large bunion on this foot and my second toe was just beginning to lift.

My symptoms prevented me from walking comfortably, running and participating in high impact exercise. In turn this affected my mood.

The only shoes I could wear were trainers. Walking barefooted was even more painful.

Although my symptoms were controlled initially by injection, Mr. Gordon’s opinion was that correction of the bunion and toe might be necessary to prevent the symptoms returning. Although I was reluctant to have surgery, the thought of the symptoms returning filled me with such horror that I decided I should proceed with it.

I only had a brief window of opportunity when I would have the time and help available to allow me to recover. Mr. Gordon and Helen were extremely accommodating in this regard and so my surgery took place at the end of March 2017. They were also extremely patient and good at allaying any anxiety I had in connection with the surgery.

My experience of the surgery has been excellent. I was home within six hours of my arrival at the hospital, weight bearing immediately and although slightly uncomfortable, certainly not in pain requiring any pain relief.

Within two weeks, I was able to use a static bike. Within five weeks, I was taking part in spinning classes and within eight weeks able to return to higher impact training.

Every time I look at my foot, I cannot believe that it is mine. It isn’t ugly anymore! I am able to wear all types of shoes, even heels. Almost invisible now are the two incision marks, which in any event are only a few millimeters. Many have since inspected the foot! Family and friends are astonished by the result of the surgery and in particular my speedy recovery.

Overall, I am delighted with the results of the surgery. In view of my experience, I can recommend Mr. Gordon without hesitation.

Mrs L M, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire October 2017

I had suffered with my heel for approx a year, came to see Mr Gordon who was so so comforting and honest. I had shock wave therapy however this didn’t cure the heel problem on my right foot. I had the endoscopic plantar fascia release operation 6 weeks ago and I am ready to run the marathon. The care I received was excellent and I was apprehensive and nervous about the operation but l have no regrets at all. Thank you Mr Gordon

Mrs VP, Luton, Bedfordshire. October 2015

I was referred to Mr. Gordon by my GP after suffering for some time with a very large lump on my left little toe, which I believed first occurred as a result of an infection after chiropody treatment. I saw Mr. Gordon at The Spire Harpenden and was sent for an MRI scan and X-ray. The results showed that the best course of action was to remove the lump surgically. The x-ray was not clear as to whether this lump was attached to the bone and if this was the case, partial amputation of the toe would need to be effected. I checked into the Cobham Clinic and the operation was carried out at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital under a local anaesthetic. Fortunately only the lump was removed and this was sent away for analysis. Subsequently the results showed the lump to be harmless. On Mr. Gordon’s instructions, I spent the next week with my toe elevated above the height of my chest. (Not an easy thing but I persevered) I went back at the end of this time for a further consultation with Mr. Gordon when he removed all the dressings from my toe/foot. I was amazed to see that my toe had almost healed and that I could put on a shoe and sock with no dressing. This treatment is obviously very effective. I had two more consultations and at the end of six weeks, my toe is completely back to normal, without even a scar. I am so impressed with the way Mr. Gordon treated me and very pleased with the outcome. The operation itself was surreal as I was conscious the whole time. The whole team were fantastic and I received great care and attention. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Gordon to anyone. I would also like to add a note of thanks to his brilliant secretary Helen for her patience and understanding in dealing with every aspect of my case.

Mrs J O’D, Dunstable, Bedfordshire Foot PainMay 2014

I had 6 months of pain every time I took a step . Although more uncomfortable rather than excruciating it began to affect every day life as I thought twice about walking anywhere and began to put on weight. A consultation with Mr Gordon, an x-ray and an ultrasound identifed a hammer toe and a bursar on the ball of my foot. The steroid injection that my GP was reluctant to give me as I was on warfarin led to a painful day but relief from pain within a week. The strapping of my toe which came first brought immediate respite. Although perhaps not curing my problem long term the pain is gone and I know what to look out for and we have a plan should that occur. Mr Gordon and his PA were great, professional, friendly, prompt and kind. Thank you.

Mrs A K, St Albans, Hertfordshire Foot PainMarch 2013

We would like to thank Mr Gordon for the way he treated my wife. He always had time for her and listened to what we had to say. He always examined her feet as well as looking at the Xrays and was always polite, pleasant and helpful. He showed concern and even jokingly told my wife off because she didn’t go to the hospital with a hand condition. Mr Gordon took time to examine this at the same time which we really appreciated. Once again we cannot thank him enough for his time and patience especially when dealing with my wife’s needle phobia where he put her mind at ease. Again many thanks.

Mrs P C, Bedfordshire Foot PainAugust 2013

What an absolute pleasure, made me feel so at ease and understood my pain straight away

Mrs P B, St Albans, Hertfordshire Foot PainJanuary 2014

Knee Surgery - Arthroscopic

I have had a knee problem for some time so went to see Mr. Gordon who advised me to have key hole surgery. The advice and care I received from him was absolutely excellent. I couldn?t have received better treatment or outcome.

Mrs S T, Hertfordshire Arthroscopic Removal of Multiple Loose Bodies in Knee June 2013

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for restoring my knee to it’s former glory! After months of pain from a meniscus tear, it was such a relief to finally have the surgery and be pain free after months of difficulties. I’m delighted that I can now return to regular exercise and carry on with some sense of normality. I’d also like to thank Helen for her assistance through-out as well as your team.

Mrs W J, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Arthroscopic knee surgery November 2013

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I had been suffering with a knee pain for several months, after consultation and tests Mr Gordon diagnosed a Cartilage Tear (Right Medial Meniscal Tear). An Arthroscopy was undertaken to repair the damage and within 2 hours of the procedure I walked unaided out of he hospital. Mr Gordon’s website contains all the information you need, especially around post op steps, which I followed carefully, including a course of physiotherapy. Within a few short weeks the knee felt back to normal and I was able to run and cycle freely again. The care I received from Mr Gordon (and Helen his PA)was first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Thank you

Mr S S, Rickmansworth, Herts Meniscal Tear April 2014

Knee Injury

Thank you for seeing me recently with regard to my knee injury inflicted by our family Labrador! Just a brief note to say, having now spent many years going to various London teaching hospitals with members of my family, where I have met a variety of consultants, I was very impressed by your care. You clearly make time for each patient as an individual. Whilst surgeons have a reputation for occasionally lacking empathy that is certainly not true in your case. I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends in need of an orthopaedic surgeon.

Mrs A B, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire Knee Injury April 2013

Lower Limb Surgery

Mr Gordon has been amazing though the whole process of my treatment, he has listened and advised me of all the options available and once I decided that I wished to proceed with an amputation [following previous surgery done by other surgeons], he explained the process in full and supported me all the way. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment from Mr Gordon and because of the excellent surgery and aftercare received I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Mrs J B, Bedfordshire Major Lower Leg Surgery

Minimally Invasive Lesser Toe Surgery

My symptom before surgery was a persistent deep corn on the Right Foot Fourth toe which clearly was deformed in the shape of a bow to the right so that the fifth toe caused serious pressure resulting in an extremely painful corn. This came to a head in April 2018 when I had the corn removed by a Podiatrist. The corn kept reforming and I had it removed seven times through to October. It was finally decided the only solution was to see an Orthopaedic surgeon to correct the deformed toe.

As from the April I was no longer able to do my weekly Nordic walking nor keep to my daily walking regime which is vital as a diabetic. Unfortunately I did more driving when I would have walked.

The reason for not being able to walk was because of the persistent severe pain of the corn to such an extent I was no longer able to wear walking shoes or any other sort of enclosed shoe. It had to be flip flops or only ONE of my many sandals. Even then there was always some pain which in the end caused me to walk badly. Finally this started to cause pain in my hip.

It was a relief to be referred to Mr. David Gordon by my GP Dr. Emma Hopkins. Mr. Gordon assured me that he could indeed with surgery to the affected toe put it all right. Surgery was agreed on with clear explanations of what would be done. I then had all the support I needed from Helen Sellars. There were simple questions to be asked mostly by Email and all answered so that I fully knew what to expect before surgery.

I was relaxed and not worried about the surgery that followed from what I was aware of before and after the procedure. Mr. Gordon’s anaesthetist Dr. Mark Ibrahim was also most reassuring both before and after the surgery. I found the ‘After Foot or Ankle Surgery – A Patient Guide’ extremely helpful afterwards and this all helped with my home recovery.

When the dressings were removed on 28 Nov the toe looked quite normal again and beautifully straight although still tender. It was not even possible to see any incision that keyhole surgery required. Mr. Gordon assured me that I would definitely be able to go on the traditional Boxing Day walk with my family who live in the South of France. He was right I had no difficulty on the three hour walk in the mountains. Furthermore, I was able to wear my enclosed shoes from the time the dressing was removed. This is a wonderful result of a very unpleasant problem. Whilst there is still some discomfort in the toe I feel confident it will be completely normal again by the Spring. My grateful thanks to Mr. Gordon and all the Team.

Mrs L D, London, January 2019

David took a minimally invasive approach to operating on my hammer toes. This meant recovery was quicker and there were no complications. My toes are now straighter and I am no longer conscious of them when wearing my shoes.

Before I had the operation, I was worried that my hammer toes would mean that walking would become increasingly more painful and uncomfortable. Now I am no longer in any discomfort and walking is fine.

Throughout the process David explained what would happen and always took the time to answer my questions.

I would be happy to recommend David to anybody.

Mrs A W, St Albans, Hertfordshire, November 2015

I had a stroke and my left foot and toes would spasm and curl under.

Mr Gordon carried out a procedure to release the tendons in the toes.

The operation has been very successful.

My toes no longer curl under, and I can now concentrate on my physiotherapy.

I am very impressed with the outcome.

Mrs M R, St Albans, Hertfordshire, November 2015

Morton's Neuroma

A would like to say massive thank you to Mr David Gordon and his team.  They were highly professional and responsive, from the first consultation through to post surgery.  Mr Gordon was a warm, welcoming and highly knowledgeable consultant, he made me feel at ease at all times and explained everything thoroughly.  After surgery Mr Gordon came to see me, (which not all consultants do), to explain the do's and dont's after my surgery.  I would definitely recommend Mr Gordon to others without a shadow of a doubt!

The reason I saw Mr Gordon is because I had severe pain in my left foot which i had for some time. My footwear was very limited because I could only wear trainers or wellington boots.   I had a scan on my food and i was told there and then it was a Morton’s neuroma which i had never heard of. We then saw Mr Gordon and he explained all the steps to try before i had surgery.  But we decided to go straight for surgery and the procedure was booked in the following week.

Everything went really well and I have dusted off all my lovely shoes, which I can now wear again and only a few months after the surgery.

I cannot say how happy I am with the outcome of the surgery. Mr Gordon and his team are truly brilliant! Keep up the fantastic work!

Mrs M T, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire September 2019

Peroneal (Ankle) Tendon Tear

Just a brief note to thank Helen for the efficient and cheerful way in which she dealt with any queries or arrangements arising from consultations and procedures undertaken by Mr Gordon. No matter how minor the question may have been she followed it up quickly,checking personally with Mr Gordon if necessary and gave a speedy response. In my experience this is well above average for the medical profession.

Mr K W, St Albans, Hertfordshire Peroneal (Ankle) Tendon Tear August 2013

Plantar Fascia - Key Hole Surgery

I suffered with my heel for approx a year came to see Mr Gordon, who was so so comforting and hones. I had shock wave therapy however this didn’t cure the heel problem on my right foot but did on my left.

I then had then key hole operation operation 6 weeks ago and I am ready to run the marathon. The care I received was excellent and I was apprehensive and nervous about the operation but l have no regrets at all.

Thank you Mr Gordon

Mrs V.P. Hertfordshire October 2015

Professional Colleagues

There are certain qualities one wants in their surgeon and David Gordon is rare in possessing all of them. An excellent communicator, a caring and consummate professional he has a diligent approach to his patients in both the NHS and private sector, resulting in great feedback from every person I have referred to him. David is a top flight surgeon at the cutting edge of lower limb orthopaedic surgery.

Dr A P, General Practitioner, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Shockwave Therapy

Whilst walking in December 2013 my right Achilles tendon became very painful and swollen. After some two months of painkillers etc.I began physio. which seemed to be effective, but then it was back to square one. At the end of April 2014 I was referred to Mr Gordon who examined the area and arranged an immediate ultrasound scan. This showed the extent of the problem and after a full explanation of the condition and the treatment Mr Gordon recommended “Shock Wave” treatment in conjunction with further physio. The first of three weekly sessions of Shock Wave treatment was performed on 14th May and by the end of May I was noticing a marked improvement (almost no limp) there was a steady improvement and by the end of July I was not limping at all – back to all normal activities – walking, cycling etc. The “Shock Wave” treatment itself lasts about five minutes per session and is quite “uncomfortable” but no worse than the pain of the ailment itself. Both the treatment and Mr Gordon himself are highly recommended

Mr M C, Hertfordshire, August 2014

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Stress Fracture Surgery

I am over the moon with the whole process, from the operation and through the rehabilitation phase. Breaking your foot is a huge inconvenience and if it hadn’t been for David’s help I could have been in a cast for a further 8 weeks following the failure of previous check-ups. During my recovery I was extremely keen to participate in two important events. The first was to go on a family holiday with my fiancée without having to wear the air cast boot. Having already missed one holiday due to the injury David and his PA made every effort to expedite my rehabilitation programme to ensure this was possible. More importantly I had planned to participate in the Shine Marathon Walk in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma. Having lost my father to the illness late last year it was an absolute must that I would take part in this event. There had been doubt that my injury may prevent this however in a consultation with David a few days before he was able to offer me the reassurance I needed. I walked 26.2 miles on my newly healed foot and will always be so grateful to David and his team for helping me to achieve this goal. Aside of my aching limbs and sheer exhaustion immediately after the walk I have had no further problems. Breaking any bone can be a painfully long procedure to recover from. I can honestly say I have experienced problems with doctors/specialists in the past but David was absolutely fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I am now back to playing hockey so thank you!

Mr SD, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire Fractured 5th Metatarsal Surgery June 2013

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Toe Deformity Correction

My problem was almost certainly caused by a football injury to my right toe approximately 58 years ago. It caused me great pain initially, but having consulted a local chiropodist, he informed me that there was nothing broken. As the months and years progressed, I was able to cope with the pain and played many sports to a reasonable level - soccer, hockey, cricket and golf. Also, in later years, skiing. The injury did not prevent me from participating in these sports, and in my 20's and 30's it was not very noticeable. However, in later years the discomfort began to occur, and about twenty years ago I consulted a sports specialist who suggested that I have the toe pinned with a metal rod inserted - I declined! I began to choose shoes that were soft and caused less rubbing on the joint, and found that it helped the discomfort.

However, in recent years a lump began to appear near the top of the base of the toe. Although my personal doctor suggested that it was a bunion, Mr Gordon accurately defined the problem as a dorsal bone spur, and suggested that he could perform a cheilectomy. I accepted.

As far as the service by Mr David Gordon, Helen Sellars and the medical team is concerned, I cannot fault it in any way. The consultations and the operation were very professionally carried out, and I was well cared for at all times. The surgery itself was excellent with no pain or after effects. In my follow-up consultation with Mr Gordon, he was sufficiently impressed with my plan of exercises that he took a copy of my personal chart which continued for 14 days.

In conclusion, I was most impressed with my surgeon and staff. I am beginning to wear shoes that are not so soft, and I am most pleased with the outcome and would like to thank all concerned with my treatment.

John, Suffolk, January 2018

Mr Gordon did a fantastic job and I am now at the point where My feet have forgotten that they were ever operated on. The result after two and a half months has exceeded all expectations and I am very happy with the outcome.

Mr J Q, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, January 2016

It’s hard to believe that a little toe can cause so many problems, but after several years of pain with a bent toe and not being able to wear any ‘proper’ shoes (trainers in the office is not a good look!)I was finally referred to Mr Gordon and no longer have any of these problems. He straightened the toe beautifully and I have had no further pain, neither during nor since the operation, even though I had to have a pin in it for several weeks. His advice regarding the operation and on recuperation was explicit and easy to follow and his manner at all times has been caring and confidence inspiring. Altogether I am delighted with the treatment I have received from Mr Gordon and would highly recommend him.

Mrs M M, Bedfordshire, Toe deformity correction, December 2014

Only if you look carefully at my feet in open toe sandals might you notice toes 3&4 of the left foot have suffered distal phalanx amputation. This was necessary because every size and width of shoe except open toe caused hard skin to develop on toe tips. The pain was often excruciating, but when 3 became infected I sometimes wondered if I would make it home. At the chiropodist I joke that it would be good if my toe could be removed. At the end of my appointment he said that it was his recommendation. I consulted Mr Gordon, who discussed the amputation of third toe distal phalanx. Anyone I mentioned this to, gasped in horror, but if it brought further pain, it could not be worse than that I had already experienced. A short operation with local anaesthetic and I left hospital with a bandaged foot and instructions to keep it level with my chest for 21 hours daily for seven days. I walked for 15 minutes two or three times during the day, out in the snow.. it was January. Pain? when was that going to come? After three weeks I was sightseeing and walking in Amsterdam in the snow. Being able to walk in real shoes for the first time for many months, toe 4 developed hard skin and pain. Mr Gordon considered that it should be dealt with as toe 3 was five months before. An exact repeat and again no pain. After three weeks, the exercise was sightseeing in Vienna followed by an eight mile walk on fairly rough and hilly country roads in the Czech Republic, absolutely no pain at all. Now after more than 14 years, I do not have any bandage or protection on any toe and am able to walk as I have not been able to do for so long.

Miss A S, Pinner, Middlesex Toe deformity correction November 2013

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Toe Joint Replacement

The large toe joints on both feet began to hurt for a number of months before I consulted Mr Gordon. I noticed hard lumps on top of the toe joints and walking any distance became difficult. Whilst it wasn’t really a problem around the house it certainly was an issue when I wanted to go for a walk or even just a general shopping trip. I did think I was developing bunions but the lumps were on top rather than the side of the joint so, it was explained, it was arthritis.

Because we live in Dorset the consultation with Mr Gordon was via zoom and this worked particularly well for me. I was able to use the laptop to hover over the feet and Mr Gordon was able to access the x-rays which I had had done locally on the NHS. They had to be redone as weightbearing ones were needed but this didn’t seem to be a problem to organise.

I was given the option of fusing the joints or having silastic joint replacements: the pros and cons of both were clearly outlined and I opted for joint replacement. A date for surgery was arranged via Mr Gordon’s admin office and the anaesthetist rang to discuss the procedure some days before the operation.

The day of the operation in London required an early start as I needed to be at the clinic for 7am but we stayed overnight up there. Both feet were going to be done at the same time as this worked best for me. The operation went well and we drove back to Dorset at 2pm the same day - feet carefully elevated! I had to keep them elevated for 23 hours a day for a full week and then as much as possible the next week. There was some blood seepage through the bandages but I had been warned about this. I needed to take some paracetamol for a couple of days and occasional ones at night but was surprised that there was not more pain. I was given sandals to wear and advised to get plastic feet covers for showering. A regime of exercises was also given and I started these as soon as recommended and they certainly helped with improving movement. Stitches were taken out locally at my own GP surgery 2 weeks later and further zoom sessions with Mr Gordon took place to monitor progress.

Since the operation I have been on holiday to Greece (8 weeks post op) and am active and walking about with no pain at all. There is hardly any obvious scar mark. All my shoes fit comfortably once more and the best point is that I just don’t think about the joints anymore! Replies from the ‘office’ were always quick and helpful and I felt very reassured by all staff involved.

G M, Christchurch, Dorset, August 2022

I have recently had surgery completed by Dr David Gordon involving a replacement of the large toe joint. The reason for doing this was advanced arthritis in that joint which was inhibiting my walking because of the pain and also preventing my ability to dance competitively (or at all). Increasingly I could only wear limited footwear, mainly supportive trainers.

Six months on and I am 99% pain-free, can walk freely and dance, even in heeled shoes.

Dr Gordon and his team were very professional, helpful and responsive to all my questions guiding me through this procedure with great care and commitment to my individual needs.

I can now wear a range of shoes, can walk a long way and am pain-free…what a wonderful outcome.

I cannot thank Dr Gordon enough and if the toe on the other foot goes the same way I will have no hesitation but to have the procedure again on that foot.

I highly recommend Dr Gordon and his team.

A B, Oxford, January 2022

Toe Joint Fusion

I have been delighted with my surgical outcome of the fusion of my left large toe joint.

I had had my symptoms for a couple of years and tried physio, podiatrists and alternative supportive shoes hoping that they would help. My symptoms being mainly pain, which was excruciating. Even sitting with my foot immobilized the pain would eventually subside but the minute I put weight on it or tried to walk around, the pain made me limp and walk on the side of my foot. Which also affected my back. The joint was tender, and I could not bend my toe.

I was prevented from doing daily activities, walking around the house, doing any gardening, doing any exercise, e.g., walking the dogs really anything that involved moving my foot and putting any weight on it. It also woke me up during the night should my toe catch in the bedsheets as I was turning over. Luckily, I have an automatic car and the problem was on my left foot. I could not drive a manual.

Something that everyone takes for granted is cutting your toenails but if your toe is very sore and you cannot move it or if the podiatrist is limited to the way they have to hold your toe to do it, again all very uncomfortable.

The knock-on effect of all this is the number of painkillers I had to take during a day to mobilise, this involved having to take other medication to counteract the side effects of the painkillers.

Footwear was a real problem, I had to buy special shoes that were meant to offload any weight on to my toes and wider so that there was no pressure on the joint. I already have large feet and having to buy shoes a size bigger was very challenging as shoe manufacturers do not make them. I had to wear 'stout grannie' shoes even in the summer. I found that wearing my riding wellingtons helped as the sole was deep, padded and relieved the pressure, but of course, in the summer it was not appropriate. Although a surgical boot also helped as it kept the foot flat and immobile, again I padded the sole. Unfortunately, I could not wear high heels or even a small heel, anything that caused the toe to bend.

The service I received from all the team was first class. It was easy to contact the office team and get a message to Mr. Gordon, they were very helpful, and I felt that if I needed to speak to Mr. Gordon he would have contacted me as soon as he could. However, the secretaries were able to respond to my questions. I found Mr. Gordon is very approachable, friendly and down to earth. Very knowledgeable and gave me the information and explanation that I needed to make an informed decision about my operation. Also, giving me the time to think about and discuss with my family the pros and cons of having the surgery.

The surgery went very well, from the positive kind ward staff, theatre porter and the fact that my dignity was preserved at all times. My pet hate is taking patients to other departments in a wheelchair without a dressing gown or a blanket to preserve their dignity. The theatre staff always kept me informed as to what and when they were going to do something to me. I always felt supported, and my recovery was straight forward. On discharge from the hospital, the information given to me was done in such a manner that I understood exactly what I must do until my follow up appointment. I felt that should I have had any questions I could have contacted Mr. Gordon or the hospital and they would have helped me. All a very positive and pleasant experience. And the icing on the cake no large scar on my foot due to the procedure being done arthroscopically.

Six months down the line my foot is pain free and I have stopped taking analgesia, the outcome is excellent. Small scars on my foot which can hardly be seen, unfortunately I cannot wear small heels yet, but I feel that by next summer I should be able to. The main outcome for me is that I am pain free, therefore, well worth having the procedure and I do wish I had had the operation sooner rather than later.

Thank you once again for my positive outcome of my surgery.

D E, Sandy, Bedfordshire, December 2022