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Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Testimonials

After years of issues with my right ankle, while out running I well and truly damaged it. I had extreme pain, could not weight bear, swelling, bruising and numbness.

I attended A&E and was then referred to the fracture clinic. Everyone told me something different, or what it might be, but I was never told what it was. Seeing Mr Gordon was a breath of fresh air. He sat and listened, letting me explain all the issues and symptoms. Once I had finished he then asked me about me, my hobbies, my work and my ambitions. He took his time assessing the injury, explaining what he was doing throughout. I instantly felt comfortable and fully informed.

Once assessed Mr Gordon explained his opinion and where he felt was best to go from there giving me time frames, a prognosis and control of the decisions made. From that point on every option and outcome was fully explained, when I had a question both Mr Gordon and his secretary, Hellen Sellars, made themselves available to answer and explain. When Mr Gordon explained that he felt surgery was the best option I had complete confidence in accepting his advice.

Mr Gordon made sure I was aware of what the surgery entailed and the recovery process. Having already told him of my ambition to complete an Ironman competition in 6 months time, I needed the surgery asap. Mr Gordon and Hellen worked their schedules so I was in surgery within 10days, this gave me the 6 months recovery I required. Post operation Mr Gordon was there to explain how the surgery went and what I should expect in the following few days. Once I had returned home, Hellen was again always available to answer questions for me. Throughout the recovery Mr Gordon has been there to explain the process, any pains I was feeling and issues I had to be mindful of. He has also been willing and understanding as I have pushed the recovery timeframe in my eagerness to return to full fitness as soon as possible.

Now at 5 months post op, I cannot believe the difference. Even though I know I have a way to go, my ankle is stable, pain free and making it possible for me to push myself to bigger and better things. Having visited many A&E departments, spoken to private and NHS consultants Mr Gordon has by far been the most communicative, understanding and reliable medical professional I have consulted. I would recommend all of my friends and family to visit him if necessary.

Mr N M Stevenage, Hertfordshire August 2014

I was referred to Mr Gordon by my GP. I told Mr Gordon that I would ‘roll over’ on my ankle up to three times a week after spraining it years before and it had never recovered. He decided I should undertake Ankle Ligament Reconstruction surgery. The surgery went perfectly well, I spent almost 6 weeks in a boot but thanks to his comprehensive aftercare instructions and physio recommendation I made a full and fast recovery. I’d like to thank Mr Gordon, Helen and all the staff at Spire Harpenden, I couldn’t have wished for better care.

Mrs D P, Dunstable, Bedfordshire Ankle ligament reconstruction March 2014

I was referred to David by my GP, and right from the first consultation, I found his manner, professionalism and knowledge to be incredibly brilliant. He is a man who knows his profession, and he really does care about his client/patient. I had fallen over on my ankle and had to have pins put into it and the ligaments rebuilt. When it came to the dreaded day of the operation, let’s just say that I was just a tad nervous. He immediately put me at ease, and was there when I awoke. His after-care service is paramount to patient well-being. I found it to be more than caring. He has done absolute wonders for me, even when, 2 weeks incapacitated in bed in plaster, and then 6 weeks in the air boot, and even more so when, 2 months after the operation and physio was going so well, I ended up rupturing the good work that he had taken time and effort to do, he was desolate (as was I) when my physio had to start from stage one again. He thought that he had failed. FAR FROM IT. It was my “impatience” to get back on the straight and narrow again which unfortunately kind of wrecked it all. Nevertheless, he got me back in the boot for 6 weeks, and my my physio did begin again. I can now state with absolute surity, that I am getting it back together again, mainly because I was prepared to listen to him and take his advice.

He has requested that I keep him updated on my progress, and naturally I will continue to do so. I would have absolutely no qualms whatsoever in recommending him and his P.A. Helen. They are a good team, and he has worked wonders and miracles for me, for which I am unashamedly forever and most grateful to him and will always be. He is a superlative surgeon, extremely confident, incredibly polite and approachable and a brilliant man, who I would greatly consider a friend. Just look at his credntials, and the locations that he operates from. This doesn’t come lightly: this is hard work, even if he does look so young! He doesn’t get 10/10… he gets 100/10. I honestly wish him much continued success. Am I happy: most definitely YES. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart, it was, is, and always will be a privilege.

Mr D D, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Ankle ligament reconstruction June 2013

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