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Toe Deformity Correction Testimonials

It’s hard to believe that a little toe can cause so many problems, but after several years of pain with a bent toe and not being able to wear any ‘proper’ shoes (trainers in the office is not a good look!)I was finally referred to Mr Gordon and no longer have any of these problems. He straightened the toe beautifully and I have had no further pain, neither during nor since the operation, even though I had to have a pin in it for several weeks. His advice regarding the operation and on recuperation was explicit and easy to follow and his manner at all times has been caring and confidence inspiring. Altogether I am delighted with the treatment I have received from Mr Gordon and would highly recommend him.

Mrs M McGee, Bedfordshire, Toe deformity correction, December 2014

Only if you look carefully at my feet in open toe sandals might you notice toes 3&4 of the left foot have suffered distal phalanx amputation. This was necessary because every size and width of shoe except open toe caused hard skin to develop on toe tips. The pain was often excruciating, but when 3 became infected I sometimes wondered if I would make it home. At the chiropodist I joke that it would be good if my toe could be removed. At the end of my appointment he said that it was his recommendation. I consulted Mr Gordon, who discussed the amputation of third toe distal phalanx. Anyone I mentioned this to, gasped in horror, but if it brought further pain, it could not be worse than that I had already experienced.

A short operation with local anaesthetic and I left hospital with a bandaged foot and instructions to keep it level with my chest for 21 hours daily for seven days. I walked for 15 minutes two or three times during the day, out in the snow.. it was January. Pain? when was that going to come? After three weeks I was sightseeing and walking in Amsterdam in the snow.

Being able to walk in real shoes for the first time for many months, toe 4 developed hard skin and pain. Mr Gordon considered that it should be dealt with as toe 3 was five months before. An exact repeat and again no pain. After three weeks, the exercise was sightseeing in Vienna followed by an eight mile walk on fairly rough and hilly country roads in the Czech Republic, absolutely no pain at all.

Now after more than 14 years, I do not have any bandage or protection on any toe and am able to walk as I have not been able to do for so long.

Miss A S, Pinner, Middlesex Toe deformity correction November 2013


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